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graphite and carbon dust drawing of the corpse flower

In August of this year the Corpse flower, Amorphophallus titanum, bloomed at the Denver Botanic Gardens. This is a sequence of photos of the process I used in creating this drawing using graphite and carbon dust.


The initial contour drawing on Strathmore 500 series semi-smooth bristle


I began by brushing on carbon dust to establish some soft light to middle values. Then I started to draw in the details of the folds of the blossom with an F graphite pencil.


I continued adding carbon dust for the soft shading followed by graphite for the details of the folds.


The upper-most part of the blossom is mostly carbon dust.

corps flower carb dust graphite

The finished piece with labeling,

sequence of graphite drawing: pelican in flight


This is the contour drawing transferred onto Strathmore 500 series 2 ply bristle velum surface.


The next step was to establish all the tonal values with a relatively medium-hard grade graphite, in this case a Staedtler Mars # H.


This is the finished drawing after the darkest tones were refined using a softer/darker grade graphite, a #HB and #2B blended and smoothed with the #H

time lapse study of a gladiola blossom

This is a time lapse video of me drawing a study of a gladiola blossom. Notice the initial rendering of the basic large shapes done  lightly with a 3B pencil and then the refinement of these shapes into smaller and more detailed shapes with a 2H pencil. I finished with the darkest detail switching back to the 3B pencil.



This is the subject.

drawing a study of an apple

This is a time laps video of my process for drawing a study of an apple. I start with a soft pencil establishing the proportions of the big shapes. Then I switch to a harder pencil to refine the contours. After lightly erasing the initial marks made with the softer pencil, I begin to indicate the light on form with the same harder pencil. Notice I start with a mid tone applied everywhere except in the area of the high light. I continue to develop the light on form switching to softer pencils as needed to establish the darker tones.

apple-TL-photo-1This is the subject.