time lapse study of a gladiola blossom

This is a time lapse video of me drawing a study of a gladiola blossom. Notice the initial rendering of the basic large shapes done  lightly with a 3B pencil and then the refinement of these shapes into smaller and more detailed shapes with a 2H pencil. I finished with the darkest detail switching back to the 3B pencil.



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drawing a study of an apple

This is a time laps video of my process for drawing a study of an apple. I start with a soft pencil establishing the proportions of the big shapes. Then I switch to a harder pencil to refine the contours. After lightly erasing the initial marks made with the softer pencil, I begin to indicate the light on form with the same harder pencil. Notice I start with a mid tone applied everywhere except in the area of the high light. I continue to develop the light on form switching to softer pencils as needed to establish the darker tones.

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drawing a sunflower


This is a time laps video of one way to sketch a study from life of a sunflower. I used a 2B pencil (which erases relatively easily) for the initial placement of the large shapes and the individual ray flowers and then switched to a 2H pencil (which doesn’t erase as readily as the softer 2B) to refine the shapes of these main elements. This allowed me to lightly go over the whole drawing with a kneaded eraser, removing the softer pencil lines of the initial placement of large shapes and leaving the harder pencil lines of the refined contour drawing. I then continued refining the drawing, adding smaller details with the 2H and light on form with progressively darker grades of pencils where needed.