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About the artist
Randy participating in "Art in the Making".
This is a public demonstration held at the
CDA Resort Shops on Sherman Ave in Coeur
d'Alene, ID. A group of local artist spend three
hours drawing and painting from live models.
Back-packing on a long weekend trip to
a favorite fishing hole.
Being an avid outdoorsman, Randy enjoys hiking,
camping, fly fishing, and both down hill and cross
country skiing. All these activities enable him to
appreciate the beauty of nature and incorporate it into
much of his artwork. Spending time in the natural world
is responsible for inspiring the creative process that
Randy continues to explore with new mediums and
Somewhere on the Coeur D'Alene River
After moving to North Idaho in 1994, Randy started concentrating more on two
dimensional work. He has become very proficient in soft pastels, water colors,
and oil paints, with the majority of commissioned work being pastel portraits of
both people and pets. He also has had great success with both landscapes and
scenes with people.
While continuing to develop both his two and three dimensional work, Randy had
been employed full time for 13 years as a medallic sculptor. This position
involved both designing and sculpting the plaster models used in creating the
coining dies which in turn are used in the production of commemorative and
collectible medallions.
At the end of Jan. 2010, Randy retired from this commercial sculpting job in order
to pursue his fine art career full time. In Feb. 2010, he moved to Golden, Colorado
to be closer to family and is now looking forward to establishing himself in the
thriving Denver area art community.
Randy Raak has been developing his skills as a
professional artist for over thirty years. After graduating
high school in West Saint Paul, MN he continued his
formal education at the University of Minnesota with a fine
arts major. He also studied privately with Constantinus
Papadapolis, a profesional wood carver in Mpls. From
early on Randy was drawn towards sculpture. He has
worked as a sculptor and mold maker at a plaster statuary,
done bas relief wood carving and repair for churches, and
has accepted numerous free lance commissions for
representational pieces in wood and stone. Randy has
also done bas relief carvings in furniture and architectural
elements like doors and fireplace mantels.